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Kill ma beat is back bigger and better! The WINNER ARTISTE will get a cash prize of N5oo,ooo with a kia picanto plus a free music video plus a record deal. The WINNER PRODUCER will get a cash prize of N500,ooo  with a kia picanto with a standard free music video and a record deal.  Kill Ma Beat! is a virtual reality online competition for music ARTISTES and music PRODUCERS. It is time to show how original your tone and sound is.


    I really want to be among on the competition u can find me out Gucci chriz on facebook on instagram yung chrizoffical

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    How is it gonna go now

  • Good morning,
    I do not really understand how the competition goes about. My question here is, for the the artiste what are we supposed to do after payment. Cause I don’t understand at all how it goes.

  • Good morning,

    I do not really understand how this whole competition goes. As an artiste after payment what are we suppose to do. I don’t really have an idea how the whole thing works. Thanks you

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    am really interested in this and am going to show you how sonorous voice